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Algae ID?

Ong Bak

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Hi All,

I noticed whilst visiting my sister yesterday that her little guppy tank has a bit of an algae problem, however the algae looks like none I have ever seen. It's long and hair like with a dark green almost turquoise colour, and has coated a fair portion of the few stems of ambulia she has in there, it's covering the leaves alot like spider silk or some sort of insect nest, it's not really anywhere else, although I noticed a little near the filter intake, but none on the glass. She's tried to give the plants a pretty serious wash when she cleaned the tank but said it comes back pretty quickly.

Wondering if any of you would know what kind of algae it is/is it harmful, and if the baby BN she just bought might get it under control? I've never really encountered this so I don't really know.

Thanks in advance


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It sounds like hair algea although your discribing a web like pattern.

Has she had the plants long? Also are there any snails she finds?

Sounds more like a snails nest-(goo). If it raps up in amongst the plants & stays around there, I would remove it, do a

good gravel vac, pull the plants out rinse them off & place them back. This should reduce if not eliminate the prob.

Lighting & over feeding is a great factor then water quality.

Guppy's/BN love darker water & thrive, breeding in their.

I don't think the BN will be able to control that prob, they will be caught up in it, if it is left to build up.


Symphy ;)

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I don't think it's snails, a few hitch-hiked in with the plants when she got them, but she's a bit religious about squishing the buggers :)

It's not really web-like, more a matted-fur sorta look in the way it clings to plants. I'll ask her about the other variables like lighting and feeding, which could be quite likely be it.

Thanks again for the help!


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