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Clamped Fin


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Hey Everyone!!

I have noticed today that one of my yellow labs has a clamped fin. He is hiding in one of my logs and and not at all interested in food. He is the domantant male of the tank so this is very unusual for him.

What could my problems be?

It is a new tank which was cycled for 3 weeks prior to introducing 4 yellow labs. One lab died a few weeks ago although i put it down to bullying as he was the smallest and most chased fish in the tank, although now another one is sick and thinking it may be something im not seeing.

I do weekly water changes, and happened to do one today before i noticed his clamped fin.

The PH is around 8

Nitrate and Nitite levels are 0

Temp: 27 degrees

Any Suggestions?

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Well if your Nitrate levels are zero it means that it is not yet cycled.

The amonia levels being zero should indicate some levels of nitrite and nitrate

By deduction, there either was no seeding of amonia to start up the cycling phase. If this is the case follow the steps below but it will cost you.

What brand of tests do you use as I had problems with some when I first started. I had it retested at the LFS and the result where completely different.

Add a zeolite pad or a few depending on the size of the tank.

You could also put in some pool filter sand as this is made out of zeolite.

If you have any other tanks like I think you indicated, use half of their filtration media.

Do daily water changes



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