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Breeding Fish


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Righto at the moment i have a 180 odd litre tank.

The dimensions are 3 feet x 1.2 feet x 2 feet. At current i have the following fish in.

3 x 1.5 - 3 inch Acei (Sexes Unknown)

3 x Salousi (1 Male 3 Female)

3 x Lithobates (Sulphur Crest) (1 male 2 Female)

3 x Maingano (Sexes Unknown)

The fish have been in their for about 3 months but i just added the Salousi 1 week ago.

What fish should a remove if need be and how can i make it better for the fish to feel comfortable enough to breed.



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If you have really good filtration, i'd leave it be, as the colours you have on display would be absolutely awesome....for a display tank.

You'll probably find that with some adequate aquascaping with enough hidey holes, your fish will breed anyway.

Now if all your after is fry and do not care for display then think about only having one or two breeding species in there. Going by your numbers, 3 of each, meaning 6 in total.

Maybe leave the Saulousi and Acei in there....choice is yours.

Keeping in mind to keep the fish as different in appearance as possible to minimise or prevent cross breeding.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your Opinion Kimo, I have just got a whole lot of free Un cut slate which looks great in black and dark grey. The whole tank is black with blak gravel and Background. Brings out the fish colours great. With the slate i'm going to stack pretty high up with plenty of caves. Should look great. Post some pictures once done.

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I have to agree with you.....the black in the tank will show off all those colours very well........it will look awesome!!!

I have a 3 footer with about 15 Mbuna.......the E.yellows breed with each other and so did the P.Mpanga before i took them out and replaced them with Mainganos, which are now showing signs of breeding themselves. All the others are males and they don't seem to bother the mating trios.

Keep them happy and they'll look after themselves!!


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