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easy plants to grow in tank


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small tank about 40 litres just one of those first tanks you buy want something to do so im going to put some type of tetra maybe so some type of long plant about 15-20cm high

Vallisneria, Java fern, Sword plants and Anubias are some of the less demanding plants I have found.

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sword plants are better for me because they grow much faster than java fern and anubuis and they also look great :thumbup:

but if your patient :roll anubuis can be make things look great (dont know much about them but are meant to be easy)

if you get anubuis you're not suppose to put them under bright lights because of algae, this is from what i have heard :lol1: they have really tough leafs as well.

if you're getting tetras remember to get a group of them

hope this helps :thumbup:

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