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Blue Rams


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Can any one tell me how long it takes for Blue Ram fry to hatch after spawning?

Also do the females grow out of eating the eggs (she has spawned twice but eaten all the eggs within 2 Days)?



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Congratulations on getting them to spawn.

Mikrogeophagus ramirezi (Blue Ram) eggs take between 48-72 hours to hatch and then the fry will start to be free swimming at days 5-7.

The female should eventually grow out of the habit of eating the eggs. Where are they spawning?

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They're spawning on rocks.

The first time they spawned the male died within 48hrs. He was looking a bit crook that morning but when she started laying he knew his bussiness.

So four days later I got another male and within a few days she started laying again but the male had no idea. I think he might be a bit young and this was his first time.

I was thinking of putting another pair in to see if that might help things. :dntknw:

Thanks for the info mate.


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