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Don't know if you guys have seen this or not, here's an interesting article.


From what i gathered, all test subjects were WC and in an artificial environment they may not behave the same. What do you think??


"The study used five races of Tropheus moorii caught in Lake Tanganyika"

Waruna :)

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Interesting read , thanks for the link.

Thanks for the link, thats an interesting read.

No Dave i think it just means that some of our boys wont be getting any! :lol3:

BUt in the tank i have seen several pairs of fish spawning at the same time, in one 6x2x2 there is usually more than one dominant male doing all the sireing., BUt generally i notice in Tropheus that he top fish gets the prize!

some other links on similar subjects just abstracts but still pretty interesting.

Monogamy in the maternally mouthbrooding Lake Tanganyika cichlid fish Tropheus moorii

Colour-assortative mating among populations of Tropheus moorii, a cichlid fish from Lake Tanganyika, East Africa

Microsatellites reveal high levels of population substructuring in the species-poor Eretmodine cichlid lineage from Lake Tanganyika

Strategic growth decisions in helper cichlids

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