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Hi all,

Just thought I'd share this important info for those who freight their fish and have no account with AAE.

I regularly send fish interstate and have an account with Virgin but use AAE when the flights suit better :) .

I sent some fish to Perth this morning and was little taken aback by the cost - about $50 more than usual but didn't worry too much at the time as the buyer had compensated me well for my trouble.

On arriving home, I rang AAE to double check as the amount did not make any sense. Freight was usually calculated on $60 flat basic charge and approx. $3 a kilo dependant on where they were being sent :)

They were really helpful (they can be quite stressed at times :lol1: ) AAE now calculate on the higher value of the dead weight and the volumetric (cubic factor LxWxHx125). Whichever turns out greater, that is what you will be charged plus a basic charge of $46. This change has just occurred however I was also advised that there is another rise due soon.

So this morning instead of $96 I was charged $129.40.

They do not have a schedule of fees that can distributed unfortunately.

So..........please check before you send interstate.........I will be revising my charges from now on.


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AAE charges (last month) $45 handleing fee plus a per kilo fee of rocky to brisbane ~$3, sydney ~$4, melbourne ~$4.50,

Thats at the perishable rate , overnight is way more , and door to door is just silly..!

Virgin last time i checked charge a lesser $26 handling fee plus fuel excise of $2/kg, +gst + per kilo rate similar to AAE, + some other crap all up about $5 cheaper through virgin from rocky to brisbane, but really al the crap in packaging is not worth it.

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Mick, do you have a Virgin account?

I only get charged $15 basic then the other stuff....

Here is an example of the charges For a 10kg box from Melbourne to Perth.

Basic charge $15.00

10kg at $3.07 per kg (one of the highest rates)

Security charge $2.50

Fuel Charge $3.43 (not quite the $2/kg you seem to be getting charged)

Total $56.79 including GST

Obviously Melbourne to Perth is pretty expensive. Sydney to Melbourne is under $2 a kilo.

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Yer ummm dont have a virgin account dont send that often yet, and would probably go AAE here anyways as its way better set up , own freight depot etc, not a door near the baggage carousel, or the carosel itslef!

the price on fuel was a gues as i couldremember exactaly , but yep i beleive it is a fixed ammount

last i got prices to send 10kg to brisbane, AAE was 82, and virgin was 78,

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also becareful of AAE, twice ive sent live fish and they wanted to charge me for "live animals" make sure the rate your getting is on perishables. The price difference has something to do with where it is on the plane only, so im told.

They will argue but just get them to check with a supervisor or manager.


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