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Hi all, i have a 6*2*2 which i noticed today just looked really boring now as i have had it the same way for about 8 months, and now i would just like to know what people think would be allriht going into my tank; as asking lfs is all crap as they lie most of the time :angry:

What is in there now is:

- saratoga jardini 42cm

- 40cm gibbi

- 6 x 18cm silver dollars

- 2 x 15cm mono argenteus

- 25cm barramundi

i wuld like if the fish don't burn a hole in my pocket or if they are dear that they wont die in a week as my mum freaks at this hobby :dntknw:

cheers all, Ryan :thumbup:

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Limiting factors are obviously the Saratoga (aggression) and the barramundi (predators mouth). It really depends on what you like and what themes if any you're trying to keep. However large oscars, eel-tail catfish, adult tinfoil barbs etc are some interesting additions you could add. If you see something you like at the LFS, make sure it grows to a decent size ie 10+cm, won't fit into the barramundi's mouth and if it does it swims fast.

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hey ryan,

have you got any pics?

what about changing the aquascape instead of just adding more fish,

most of the fish that you have in there would thrive with extra room.

if you are absolutely set on adding some more fish don't make any rash decisions as you could be setting yourself up for disaster.


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If you can find them available, Australian Snakehead Gudgeons are big enough, and dwell in the lower half of the tank, so they're generally safe from Saratogas. They are incredibly brilliantly multicoloured, so definitely will break the boredom if you can get them.

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Depends on what you classify as dear/expensive, but one thing that will be okay is any of the bichir group :B . Just so happens I have one that needs a new home ;)

Can grow to 60cm in a large enough tank and will only eat what fits in its mouth, none of your fish fit this category at present.

Look up Polypterus ornipinnatis from memory,



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