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I have just sold a bunch of fish and am down to 1 male and 3 female A. baenschi in a 5 ft tank. they are positively lonely in there and the tank looks very bare. Any suggestions as to what else can go in there that will not cross breed and is of similar temprament?

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I had my first lot of A baenschi 'Nkomo reef' with saulosi. When the saulosi started breeding I had to get another lot, but I had a very angry male :angry: . I have been told that Saulosi are not aggressive but not in IME. I had my baenschi with with Demasoni (in a 6x2x18) and they got the occasional nip nothing serious but stopped breeding. So I moved them in with my Yellows and while they have not bred they are a little more relaxed and worked well as dithers for them so they are always out and about. I used to keep my spare male baenschi with the demasoni to act a dither fish it did work a treat. So you can make of this what you will



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