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The Tank


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Hey All

I haven’t been on this forum for a long time. Thought I’d post some pics of the tank. It’s been running for about 1.5years now and no deaths have occurred thus far. I am really glad I invested the time and money into it… it has been a really rewarding experience. Without the help and info from this forum and many others this tank probably wouldn’t have happened… so I’d like to say thanks. bigsmile.gif

The Tank:

- 150x60x60 Main Tank

- DIY 120x40x45 Sump

- DIY Concrete Background

- DIY Stand and Hood

- DIY Bucket Wet/Dry Filter

The Fish:

- 6 Electric Yellow (4m/2f) - Not positive on the sex ratio

- 6 Maingano (4m/2f) - Not positive on the sex ratio

- 2 Bristlenose Catfish (1m/1f)

My photography skills are quite bad (new camera)... but here goes:

user posted image

Front View

user posted image

Side View

user posted image

3 x 1” Draining holes/tubes

1 x 1” Return pipe that has 2 return points below the surface of the water

user posted image

The Return pipe has flow control and a one way flow valve to prevent a siphon from occurring.

user posted image

The return piping and skimmer box are hidden behind the concrete background.

user posted image

The skimmer box and the plastic gutter guard, as seen looking up into the tank. The gutter guard prevents fish from ending up in the wet/dry filter (almost happened... hence the gutter guard).

user posted image

Vents over the transistors in the lights allow heat out of the hood.

user posted image

The 1st half of the sump, along with the bucket wet/dry filter. Bad photo… I know.

user posted image

The 2nd half of the sump, along with the return pump. Bad photo… I know.


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