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Fish Dyeing and Mutilation


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Hi all,

Found an interesting read on a couple of Dave's (YeW) hobby horse issues.

Check out


It is the ultimate horror show and covers injection dyeing and physical mutilation. The only saving grace is that it is performed on flowerhorns and blood parrots.

Pretty cruel practice in any case.



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I had read the one of the earlier articles on their campaign a few years ago, but when flicking further on came across an information page about Blood Parrots. I actually emailed the magazine querying how they could be OK and was fobbed of with some reasons I fail to remember...

I think what they are doing is good, but it would be better if they went a little further with the fight and took on designer fish!

And to this:

Before the transformation the fish looks lively and active. For the first few hours after colour injection, the fish might appear lethargic and listless.

all I can say is "DUH!"

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