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Just a topic to get something off my chest. As some may have noted i had a trio of Hongi to offload earlier this week. I ended up taking them to my LFS and yesterday i went back down to see how they were going and to my suprise the big male was being friendly and the female was holding the hugest mouthfull i have ever seen dntknw.gif I was quite taken aback when i looked at them in there they looked so happy and peaceful but in my tanks they couldnt seem to get on and every time she held in my tank she would swallow after a few days but she looks as though she is going to hold onto this lot. But then on a sweeter note i traded them for some Red Fin Kadango a m and f. Now my female has a mouthfull also so all is not lost. I watched the two spawn they did it right in front of me it was cool. Just wondering if anyone knows how long they hold and what the fry take like will they accept crushed up flake when there spat out. ?? Thanks

Hoddz thumbup.gif

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