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Plants in Tang tank


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I have anubias in my Tang tanks and they get a fair bit of algae on the leaves.

Can anyone suggest a catfish (other than BN and large pleco's) that stays quite small and does a good job of cleaning?

I have used pleco's but they end up too big and when I trade for a new small one there is always the issue of introducung disease into my tanks.


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Other than bn's and plecos/gibbi's there isn't a lot that would be hardy enough to survive the parameters of a tang tank IMO. I could be wrong of course, I'm pretty sure I read that Steve (ndoboi) is keeping his L104's in his Tang tank.

Perhaps a solution could be to add some more plants, such as Val (hardy and grows quickly to use up excess nutrients) and java fern, reduce lighting by a coupla hours and maybe just add more bristlies? Even albino's should be hardy enough for the Lake Tang parameters and will add some different colour too. dntknw.gif

Good luck anyway thumb.gif

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I don't like snails - the small ones end up in my spinning arm and slow the flow. The larger ones I have found die easly.

Its just brown/green algae - I can remove it with my fingers but is time consumming and sometimes uproots the plants.

Thanks for the replies.

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