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Hydor Seltz L45 3500 lph


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has anyone use this pump before? Hydor Seltz L45 3500lph on 50watts.

I am planning to run it as inline externally, is it noisy or vibrates alot?


or has anyone use the Eden 140th model pump before? it runs 2800lph on 55watts.


which one would you use if you were to run it as inline pump?

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I tried the L45 but found it was noisier than the cheap Resun that it was replacing. I exchanged it thinking I must just have a dodgy one but the result was the same. I ended up exchanging again, this time for a Project pump which was much quieter. Noise (or lack of it) is important because my tank is in the living room. Anyway that was just my experience. Don’t know about the Eden pumps.



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