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The NSWCS May 2006 Circular


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I'd like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who contributed photos to the May 2006 Edition of The New South Wales Cichlid Society Circular.

Richard Steel (squidfish)

Budi Lukman (enigma)

Cameron Lennox (mezzacam)

David Tak Wai Leung (MoliroMan)

Frank Mancini (frman)

Ian van Calcar (Lepperfish)

Jon Amato (jonamato)

Justin Bell (jebe)

Luke Myers (Snipes)

Stephen Young (ndoboi)

Stuart Langley (Spraypakstu)

Warren Smith (WAZ)

Anthony Ramsey (@nthony)

Mike Wertheim (MikeW)

I'd like to say a special thanks to Dave (YEW) also who was our previous editor and gave me the template of the previous magazine with some helpful tips.

Thanks again and keep the pictures coming smile.gif


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Hey hey,

I have just had time to read my mag and had to do a double take - there at the top of the centre pages were my Lufubu and Chipimbi - I would know them anywhere hug.gif I was quite annoyed for a moment until I realised that David Leung was Moliroman LOL.gifwoot.gifLOL.gif

Thanks for taking the pics Dave thumbup.gif


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havent received my copy yet,  ,

I got mine yesterday and was stoked with all the photos and high quality layout. Roland you had big shoes to fill and what a way to start thumb.gif . I always head straight to centrefold and read the articles later, cause I do get it for the articiles yes.gifzipit.gifwoot.gif



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Thanks Guys:)

I'm very visual person, that's why I picked so many pictures. I don't know how will I collect that many pictures the second time around though, so I stuffed myself up LOL.gif

Thanks WAZ for sending the magazines out.


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