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Elongatus Mpanga


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Hi Guys,

I am asking on behalf of a friend about how long a Elongatus Mpanga holds for before they release fry? How many fry do they usually hold for?

Should he catch the holding female and separate in a 2ft tank to release or would that cause problems with reintroduction of the fish?



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G'day Dave,

I don't know if this helps or not but i'm guessing all elongatus are similar in their breeding habits. My Ps.elongatus 'gold bar' hold for around 18-24 days before spitting and they hold 20-40 fry (but then they are only a young colony aswell). But now i strip the females after about 16 days, i find this more effective and results in larger numbers of fry.

Hope this helps.


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Guest parallel

Hi Dave,

When I had my Mpanga, the female usually holds for 3 to 4 weeks and the second batch I got was around 15 to 20 fry.

I kept the female in a breeding net and I let nature take it course.

Is fun watching her care for the fry. I always spook her so she will hurry and pick up all the fry into her mouth. shock.gif

Be prepare when you introduce her back into the main tank because they will go at it again and again until you runs out of tank to raise them.

I don't know why but out of the second batch I only managed to save 5. cryblow.gif I gave away all 5 to my mate and only last week he traded for 2 veil tail angels.



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