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Albino B/N's feeding


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I feed my albino b/n's spirilina sinking pellets and zuchinii mostly. But in one of my tanks I have three smaller albinos. Also in the that tank I have some drift wood in it. I have noticed that the albinos are starting to go darker. Should I take it out altogether or maybe just stick it in randomly for them to munch on.

Any suggestions.

Cheers Paul.

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I have no doubt that diet and light contribute to 'colour' in albino Bristle Nose.

Both myself and Tammy (a very clued up catfish breeder) have sourced albino stock from a few different places. There must be breeders out there who got fish from the same places. The point of note is that her fish and mine are all a bright 'Gold' colour. All the other fish from local breeders are pink/white. I'm sure they all came from the same stock.

The bulk of my B N diet is pumpkin (available all year, usually cheap, easy to use in large quantities) or zuchinni when it get to under $1.50/kg. I also use all sorts of other things but pumpkin/zuchinni is the bulk of their diet. Tammy is the same.

When one compares the colour of fish raised on spirulina or veg and algae wafers one would think they are different species, but they are not, can't be, we all got our original fish from the same places.

These are definately albino fish,,,,red eyes. I have had no experience with BGA's as they call them in New Zealand...(Black eyed, Gold, Ancistrus.) L144.

Conclusion......diet contributes to body colour of albino B N. So if they eat mangrove root they are going to get a tan !!!

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