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Australian Natives


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Hi all

I am keen to get out of african and american cichlids and embrase Aussie natives. I never realised rainbows had local variants until I did some research.

I have had a look at the ANGFA website and want to get to the next meeting. Does anyone keep and breed rainbows on here.

I am also interested in the range of gudgeons available. And would love to keep a male mouth brooding species like mouth almighty.

Any info on sourcing aussie natives from lfs or breeders would be appreciated.



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there are mouth almightys in hornsby lfs they have peacock,purple spot & empire gugeons as well  and some rainbows HTH.

Cheers Fishmick

Info is much appreciated. I will try and track them down.


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I agree with Mr Puddlesworth just ask you local fish shop or any of the sposors they may not stock but may be able to order a range of Aussie Native's in on your request.

Good Luck with it all and be sure to post some pic's up went you get it running.

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at the ANGFA meetings here in Melbourne , ive been told that they have a trading table where you can pick up lots of various natives, it might be an idea to get in touch with the ANGFA club in Sydneyand find out when there next meeting is


ps i keep desert gobies and blues eyes together , the gobies are fascinating to watch

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My lfs has a pretty good range of natives available most of the time from various ssp. of rainbows, bass, perch, cod, toga, barra and various cats.

It is up here though, but it is a pretty good demonstration of what fairly readily available.

A nice planted tanks with rainbows looks awesome :thumbup:

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hey andy,

go for it. they'res so many beautiful natives out there its not funny. Rainbows are pretty easy to breed, i did some work experience at an aquaculture business up in childers which specialises in rainbows. All they need is a spawning mop or two, the eggs are quite hard and sticky and providing you have a good healthy school of fish you should expect eggs everyday! once you find eggs in a mop remove it to another tank and wait till they hatch, then you can get away with feeding them newly hatched brine. if you wanted to maximise survival you could go for a smaller feed for the first few days but they do pretty good on the bbs.

as well as rainbows you have smaller grunter species, nice catties and of course your gudgeons and gobies. heres a handy link for you, the guy running this is the manager of where i did work exp:


have fun andy, you'll love em!

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