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Re- staining/varnishing a cabinet...


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please move if this is in the wrong forum.

i need advice on re- doing (staining or varnishing) my cabinet... at the moment the colour is dark enough so i dont really want to stain it darker...

however i want to make the cabinet more smoother as its got a few scratches and rough edges... so what do i sand it with? sand paper or steel wool?

what products (stainer / varnish ) should i use to protect the timber ?

Can you get a slightly clear stainer? to cover the scratch etc...

any more info is usefull thanks


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hi Tam

this is going to be a much more difficult job than you had hoped for. about the only way you will get a top job would be to sand it back hard and re stain with a slightly darker colour [which you don't want]

the chips and scratches will not recolour properly just using a stain/varnish. you would need to find the exact colour that is already, and do touch ups on the bare areas, [much like doing paint touch ups, exact colour, blending in, very difficult]

there is a stain/varnish pre mix of any colour you wish. just be sure to follow the directions on the can, to the letter.

i don't want to discourage you, this will not be a 5 minute job. have a chat to the guys at the local paint shop or bunnings, and have a go. it's very rewarding to stand back and look at a job well done, and say "i did that"

cheers, have fun; Colin

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