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Another newby question


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Hi guys,

couple of questions from a newby. (my first post to your brains trust).

Q1.. I'm currently running an aqua one AR620 set up with electric yellows, and I love it!! I have gotten hold of a 1m/340mm/450mm tank (160 litre) and currently resealing it. I'm wondering if the growlux light I have for it needs to sit on the glass top or should I raise it up to allow the lids to be opened for feeding??

Q2.. I want to have 3 species of Mbuma, maybe some electric yellows, blues and something reddish and I'm thinking of using white gravel/sand, moon rocks, and blue background. What do you think?

Q3.. Is an aqua one CF100 filter over kill? (filter may be used on a larger tank at a later stage.)

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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I feel that the CF1000 is a great filter for the size. I would even consider the CF1200 if there isnt much difference in price. As for fish, africans arent my bag so someone else will be much better qualified to help you.


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hi Addam

the light would be better set 5/7cm above the lids, also to rear of the tank, this should give you enough room to remove the front lids for easy access.

be picky when choosing the rock, moon rock[woomera rock] can have some very sharp edges and points, excellent for causing injuries.

otherwise, all sounds good, go for it and enjoy

cheers; Colin

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