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self-adhesive background


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I saw a thread a while ago where someone mentioned that he/she got some self-adhesive (or just used warm, soapy water) backing material. I think they said it came from a signwriter.

I'm after dark blue or black, and am looking to find some supplier(s).

Any help appreciated!


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Just paint it! This is what all the aquarium shops do! Don't be afraid that it will ruin your tank, it won't. Paint the back OUTSIDE glass panel. I suggest a navy or royal navy as it will look like the ocean when light go on. When painting don't freak out as it will look terrible with lines etc , just aim to not leave any see through parts , when you look through the water it looks amazing ( not like it's been painted and very smooth finish ). I did this to most of my tanks and experimented with colours and it's awesome. Be sure to use oil based paint also.

Only drawback is that once it's done that's it , unless you can be bothered to turps it all off! But believe me you won't want to touch it wink2.gif

You cannot achieve this look with a poster no matter what you do, I tried.

Happy painting

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