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6x2x2 sump filtration task


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Hey guys;

I'm considering a 6x2x2 display tank either heavily planted or stocked with a variety of Tangs rather than a 4 tank rack at the moment due to insufficient time on my hands.

I'm really short for time in regards to making calls and travelling around Sydney to get quotes of what I should get so i thought I'd post here. What i was after is what size sump would be most suitable for this tank and also what strength pump? At the moment i have a 7800l/ph pump and was thinking i could use that. Would like to know what everyone out there using as pumps for their sumps and also the quietness of their pumps.

I have read all the FAQ's on the forum, and since this is my first leap into a sump filtrated tank I thought I'd post up a thread just for me laugh.gif .

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A 7800l/h would be perfectly adequate for a tank that size. I am about to get a new tank with a 9600l/h pump included, which will be fine for the tank. The last pump I used to run my tank was a Resun 1800l/h pump. The pump itself was quiet but when the pipe it was connected to hit the side of the sump it would vibrate and thats what made the noise. The more you pay for something then usually the better the quality it is. I bought a cheap powerhead and it was really loud and then I bought a more expensive one and it was silent. You get what you pay for.

Also....GO TANGS!! yes.gif


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hi Richard

maybe something around 2x2x18 would do. the pump you have is suffient. if you plan to go spinning arm and bio balls, $300+. a baffled/overflow setup would have to be custom made. i've not seen these sumps ready made off the shelf.

try a browse through our sponsers, maybe they can help.

cheers; Colin

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I too made the jump to a sump recently.

A 2 or 3ft tank that has been properly partioned works well. You can never have too big a pump but be aware that you may need to have tee junction and a tap so you can control the amount of water returning otherwise the sump will empty it self.

My experience has been:

Resun King 4 - 4800lph

lots of water movement but loud

Oase Nautilus 110/150 - 1700/2200lph

fairly good water movement with fairly good sound

Eheim 1262 - 3400lph

good water movement and quiet

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for that size pump you'll want a pretty hefty diameter bulkhead in your weir

Don't go with a sump if you're going planted - you'll loose too much CO2

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I only mentioned CO2 because Richard said...

either heavily planted or stocked with a variety of Tangs

Obviously its one or the other, I just wanted to get in & make sure he doesn't put a sump on a heavily planted tank or he'll have no end of dramas getting the CO2 levels high enough.

That said, sump & tangs is the go!

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