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Mucking around with my point-and-shoot


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I was at work today looking after the fishtanks (some very bad person starting with a 'B' wink2.gif has broken into my lab AGAIN and stolen a convict cichlid!!!) and decided to play around with my Olympus C740UZ point-and-shoot camera to try and get a more pleasing result when photographing my fish (must be the Gods at work though cos my dSLR came back today, finally, after 3 months away so I may not need to worry about it now lol). The subject is my Halfmoon Grouper (Epinephelus rivulatus).

What I did was get two mirrors and sit one one the top of the tank so it overhung the edge quite a bit and then got another mirror and placed it infront of the built-in flash and angled it up at 45 degrees. It bounced off the top mirror and gave me a more even top lighting. The pics still have heaps of noise but I think they look a lot better than pointing the flash straight at the fish. I just used a normal program mode because the manual modes and the strength of the built-in flash is not strong enough or flexible enough to change much.

user posted image

user posted image


user posted image

I'm sure if I was to set up something more substantial I could get the shots much better.

Compare this to this pic taken with the P&S with direct flash (shrimp is the Norfolk Island Shrimp (Paratya norfolcensis)- possibly the first time it's ever been photographed).

user posted image

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