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Orange Spot Bristlenose


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I have a colony of these which I bought as breeding colony. After trialling for a year, they beings to breed for me (2 male and 3 females).

So far there are at least 4 batches now. They are in a 3.5'x15"x15" tank. It is bare bottom but with lots of wood and ferns attached to the wood.

The adult seems to be eating very well with zuchini. However, I keep on losing, the latest batch, I manage to catch fry two days after they leave the breeding cave (about 15) but all of the die in the floating tank the next day.

The problem is that they don't seem to want to eat (I mean the fry), even the very few who survive, don't seem to eat the zuchini at all.

The water parameters are:

1) PH <= 6 (my lowest PH test kit give me 6 only);

2) General Hardness is 2Degree;

3) 0 Ammonia & nitrate; and

4) Fairly high nitrate (50 mg/L) - I think this is as a result of only doing water change once a fornight.

I tried feeding the fry frozen spinach, frozen peas, pumpking and I even grow some algae on containers but none are interested!!

Any pointers of getting the fry to eat and survive will be most appreciated.



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I am certainly no expert on these guys. But I see a few things you might be able to try. Find out your exact ph. Maybe it is a little low. Try and lower your nitrate too. SMaller fish are generally less tolerant and first to die when nitrate is too high. I'm not saying it is too high. But I wouldnt think it could ever be too low. WHy are you moving them to a floating tank? unless there are other predatry fish in there why not leave them with the parents. They wont get eaten. The reason I suggest this is because in my knowledge the bristlenose varieties and long gutted fish in general need to get bacteria established in thier gut. For bristlenose the best source of this is the parents waste. Snails can also be helpful as a source of apropriate bacteria rich waste. By leaving them in the main tank, they get a chance to munch on it, and establish their gut bacteria. I guess putting some snails from the tank(if there are any) or some parents waste in the floating tank may do the same thing. It doesnt matter what you are feeding them if they cant digest it. I dont breed orange spots, but standard bristlenose for me always enjoy a bit of protien as well.

Anyway, just some ideas. Hope this helps somewhat. Good luck...



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