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Johanni "Choifu" tank mates


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I have 1 male and 4 females of these guys. There is also about 8 bristlenose in the tank(standard 6footer).

What suggestions do people have for fish that I can add ?

# something that is active.

# won't get beat up or beat up the Johanni "Choifu".

# an open water swimmer( some thing that will swim around the upperhalf of the tank.

# Will breed in there and not affect the breeding of the Johanni.


Should I just put in some more Johanni?

Cheers Eddie

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ive got electric yellows and lombardoi with mine ,no x breeding so far ,ithink their different enough in colour and shape to recognise each other,and in that size tank you need at least 10 of each to bring all the fish to life,ive got 30 in a 4x2x2 with no fighting females constantly holding and all the fish busy all day ! smile.gif

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