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Fin Rot and Inflamation in the gills


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Hi all,

Have a small prob in one of my tanks that holds some peacocks. Over the last 2 weeks their tail fins and anal fins are slowly disappearing, they also have a slight redness in the gill cavity. Breathing is normal only the fins are effected.

Water Conditions:

PH - 8.4

KH - 12dkh

Ammonia - NIL

Nitrite - NIL

Nitrate - <5ppm

I tried Melafix and dosed for 7 days with no improvement. They still eat OK just have a hard time swimming. Have done numerous water changes 25-30% per change.

What else could I try to eliminate this problem? Would tetracycline work? It has affected all 5 fish in the tank with some worse than others.



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I suppose if there was a poison in the tank they would already be dead, right? Can you chuck some carbon in your filter? (new if you already have some in there) I just can't think what would cause red gills AND disappearing/tattered fins parasite/infection wise, hence thinking it might be a toxin.

Assuming its a parasite then maybe try salt (pure Rock salt from the supermarket, NACl) instead of/as well as melafix. Personally I'd be hesitant to dose medications without knowing what you are trying to treat.

Maybe put some tank water into a bucket & do a salt dip? ie: as many tablespoons of regular rock salt (NACl) as you can dissolve, dip fish in it for a minute, return fish to tank, repeat for next fish.

Hopefully someone else might have a better idea of the cause of your problems

Good luck


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I have some sea salt left from my marine tank, can this be used in lieu of pure rock salt? if treating the whole tank, how much do I use?

I will wait to see if anybody else can shed more light on this before dosing with salt.

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Sea salt will be fine.... great even.... Being rift lake fish, they wont mind a bit of salt in the least. They will probably enjoy it. It would certainly be one of the things I would do faced with such a problem. As Ash suggests carbon would be a good idea also, in case of a toxin. If possible increasing the aeration can only help too. Hope they come come good. I dont have any insight as to the actual problem though, sorry. Keep an eye on them of course when you add the salt. If they start flicking or rubbing themselves it may well be some form of parasite. if it is a parasite type issue, it sounds like an external one. Another thing which can only do good seeing as they are eating is to soak their food in garlic. I'm just thinking out loud really, but all these things should not affect them in any negative way, even if they were healthy. Maybe one or more of them will help somewhat but at least you arent adding any potential harm.

Maybe someone else may have some insight as to the actual problem...

Hope all goes well....


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It sounds like a problem that I have had before. It was a bacterial infection.

I cannot remember the name of the treatment I was recommended- the container is at home. They were tablets and after a few days they make the tank water go red and the water foams on the surface. Maybe someone here can provide the name of the medication.

Make a long story short, the treatment worked (Thanks Mal @ Wetpetz [LFS in Birsbane] for the meds and diagnosis)


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