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Baensch Aquarium Atlas No 1


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Hey guys,

I have just purchased Baensch Aquarium Atlas No 1 from Ben at AOA, for a bit of light reading and thought I would ask any ones opinion of this book. I haven't received it yet but it looked like the best value for money book I could see at the time.

I am trying to expand my knowledge beyond cichlids and was hoping this would provide me with some info on tropicals, cold water etc.

Any thoughts??



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The Baench Atlases are a great resource but are more of an overvew of a lot of different fish rather than an in depth look at any one in particular. Great for what you seem to want.

I have the first 3 freshwater atlases and they are probably my most utilised book on my shelf. Books 2 and 3 are additional to the original, not just newer editions. I think there is a 4th FW atlas as well but that may just be in german? Also, there is a specialist one on Apistos called "Cichlid Atlas" which is quite a lot more detailed than atlases 1-3.


PS love the avatar Jason, I've seen the rest of the picture LOL.gif

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