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I have only had these guys for 2 weeks , so was stoked when I noticed that one of the females was carrying a mouthfull. clap.gifclap.gif

BUT!!!!! cryblow.gifcryblow.gif come home today, to find the same fish nearly dead with no mouthfull & swimming awkwardly around the surface.

My first question is what does anyone think happened?


What should I do with this unhealthy fish?

I'm thinking that the other fish have either beat her up or there is something wrong with the tank conditions

Any advice would be muchly appreciated

Cheers Eddie

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My first guess would be due to aggression from the male. Johanni can get pretty narky.

Of course, before making that decision we'd probably benefit from knowing the size of the tank, tankmates, and your water conditions. How long has the tank been set up for and was it properly cycled? Do some tests for pH, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite and let us know the results.

As for the girl, it would be best to try to isolate her. If it was me I would put her in a small tank on her own with a bit of cover. I always found melafix did wonders for injured fish. If you can't get her into her own tank, the fry "nets" made of icecream containers can work well (i'm sure there's a link to one around here somewhere), but you'd have to dose the whole tank with melafix which would be expensive. Dosing with salt could also help, but I can't recall the rate, sorry.

I hope she's not too far gone and you can save her, best of luck!


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The tank is standard 6 footer and the filtration is a jebo 1200L/hr canister. It has been set up for about 6mths. There is only 5 johanni in the tank (1m 4f ) and about 8 bn catfish. The tank temp ranges around 26 degrees. I haven't done any water quality checks , but plan to this week.

I haven't got a spare tank to dose her, so I plan to put her in a fry saver if need be .



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