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Air pumps..


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Hey Everyone.

Just looking at a air pump to run my fish room on AOA and im a little confused on what to get. Im looking at running 12 Bio - chemical sponge filter ( upto 240 litre ) and I have been looking at the Tornado 70 * 50 litres pr minute * to run them, But this pump is quite exspensive (well for my budget) so im wondering what the electromagnetic Air Pumps are like ??. Ben has one on special at the moment on AOA ACO-002 40 Litres pr minute 45w * April Special * and this is really cheaper. So my question is why is the price so cheaper and they nealy run the same amount of air. Are these Electromagnetic Air Pumps not as durable or something.

Can anyone give me a idea on t he differences of these 2 pumps ??.


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the electromagnetic pumps are mechanical, and can be quite noisy from what i have read on here.

I agree on the noise I have two and they hammer away like nothing else. I have also been shown the light between a good diaphragm pump and the compressor type. One of the big advantages is if an airline comes out of one of your filters or even two the diaphragm pump keeps the air flow stable to the other lines. Definitely not the case with the compressors one leak and they all stop.



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