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cloudy water


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Hi all again

One other thing, is it common for a small growout tank (2 foot) to get very cloudy quickly when feeding zuchinni - I seem to need to do a water change the water every couple of days since I transfered about 70 BN fry ranging in size friom 3 - 5 cm before I take them to a LFS for sale. Within couple of days the gets cloudy quickly even with a 2213 eheim chuging away. They are all very healthy and feeding well. So I have been just doing daily changes with water from another larger breeding tank

Are there any tips in filtration that I could try


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Gee Sean,

You are really pushing the boundries there ! A pretty heavy bio load for 50 liters of water regardless the filter system. !00 bistles that size even grot up up a 4x2 if fed all they will eat.


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