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Tunze Turbelle Stream 6060


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While looking around on the net the other day, I came across these pumps/powerheads. They seem to be more for those marine people out there but their specs seem to offer some pretty good power vs output ratios:

Tunze Turbelle Stream 6060

# Output 6000 l/h; 1600 gal/h

# Speed control No

# Pump wattage 11 W

# Voltage / Frequency 230 V / 50 Hz

# Cable length 2 m; 80"

# Dimensions ø 98 x 118 mm; ø 3.9 x 4.6"

# Outlet diam. ø 50 / 47 mm; ø 2" / 1.8"

From what I understand these pumps cannot be used as sump pumps and do not provide any height when pumping. Tunze have other pumps that will handle these activities.

Anyone ever been brave/rich enough to buy one and put it in a cichlid tank? laugh.gif

P.S. This is the smallest model, the big guy does 20000Lph for 62w

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they're crazy efficent hey, 11w for 6000lph!!?!

I've only heard of them being used in reef tanks with controllers to switch between them

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