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Betta macrostoma. Wild caught mouth brooder.


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These wild caught fish came to me in August last year. I had been told that macs were very difficult to keep alive, and the chances of spawning them was minimal.

Well, this pair proved all the experts wrong, with the male releasing 12 fry within a month of being in my tank. To date, the total fry count is 93 with the largest at just over 6 months, and the youngest 4 weeks. thumbup.gif

Photos courtesy of my good friend Taksan, who always makes my fish look wonderful. Thanks Taksan. hug.gif

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

and the fry

user posted image

Sorry about the background blush.gif no, they aren't in a marine tank.

user posted image

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Congrats Ms Red, thumb.gif nice fish

I love the mouthbrooder bettas. Ive got a colony of B. picta living and breeding happily in my sump at the mo' (only because the little blighters refuse to stay in the main tank).


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Great work mate!  clap.gif Can you give us some info on watrer parametres etc? Also whats the price range on these things?

cheers; Richard

Very interesting little fish, well not so little, males reach 4 inches, but they have very stringent water requirements. High temperatures and alkaline water will kill them.

I have these guys in a heavily planted standard 3 foot tank with lots of driftwood. I run their tank at a pH of 4.5 ......... yep, that's not a typo, the pH is 4.5 and the temperature is no higher than 24 degrees. Water must be very soft, and crystal clear. I change 10% of the tank water daily yes.gif Good mechanical filtration is required ( I use an eheim cannister) and a UV unit is ,in my opinion, essential. These are very rare, and expensive fish, so I don't take any risks with them. And of course, like any wild fish, they jump, so close fitting lids are necessary.

Once you get over those initial problems, the fish are amazingly hardy. I don't think I've lost any fry. The male holds for about 2 weeks and releases fry about the size of guppy fry. They can safely be left in the tank with parents, and juveniles can be raised in one tank without the need to separate the males. For breeding, one pair to a tank is the rule, and males are gentle with females.

Parents and fry eat just about anything.

Love mossie wrigglers and live brine shrimp, but happily accept ground beef heart and good quality flake foods. They feed from the surface (note the upturned mouth), and ignore food that has fallen to the bottom of the tank. I have a small fleet of golden apple snails in the tank to take care of any uneaten food.

In all, a very beautiful and interesting fish, almost extinct in the wild, due to habitat loss. They mature at around 12 months, and live for 10 years.

I will be releasing pairs as they mature, so you might see some in Sydney soon. wink2.gif

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Wow! Cool pics, though I'll confess for 0.6 seconds I couldnt work out how you were keeping those marines with your Bettas.

Lovely looking fish!

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Well you just peaked my interest in getting some type of mouth brooding betta for when I get my shed up and running.

I never knew Beta species where so varied. I knew splendens came in heaps of colours and "styles" but never knew about all the subspecies and their breeding behaviour.

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For a look at all the different available wild betta species, look no further than the IBC wild betta maintenance program.

There are just as many wild betta species as probably Malawi cichlids, with just as many location variants.



Ladyred IMO is a legend... I've tried and tried and tried keeping these fish alive long term, but.... blush.gif I've seen countless hobbyist try this fish with limited to no success and this lady makes it seem way too easy - 93fry!!! shock.gif

For a while after LR got her pair, Bayfish were bringing in B.macrostoma, but I believe from speaking with some hobbyist, they had problems keeping this fish alive too.

At $250/pr it gets quite painful after a few disasters... sad.gif So HATS OFF TO YOU LR.

U're a LEGEND!

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ALL betta species are on the import list.

I've sent in:








B.pugnax "Raja"








B. sp"pangkalanbun"


B.sp "Mahachai"

B.splendens (Wild)

I'm sure there are still others that have slipped my mind.

Bayfish also occasionally have quite an interesting list of wild bettas your LFS can order in.


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Thats awesome!

I am looking after a mates Bettas while he is overseas, there are 5 of them and i keep them in a 15 litre tank with a air powered sponge filter and a ceramic castle till he gets back and sets them up properly.

There are a blue/green colour and have 2 red stripes on the cheeks, i think forsceri (sp?).

They have breed 3 times and i have raised 47 babies so far.


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