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Improving The Flow Rate.


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Hi guys/girls,

I know I don't post too often but I would like to pick your brains dry.gif

At the moment in my sump for my 4x2x2 I'm running an Eheim 1250, now I wish to increase the flow rate considerably and was looking for advise on which pump to run.

I would prefer to remove the Eheim and swap with the next pump and have no plumbing to change.

I've run this pump for around 10 years on and off and it has served me well, I'm considering going for a cheaper brand, what do you think?

So this is the question- Which pump will give me greater flow with minimal(or no) alteration to system, at a good price and still be reliable?

Thanx in advance.

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What size is your return hose? Most 2000lph-3000lph pumps use 19mm so if the 1200lph eheim uses 16mm you might be out of luck.

What's 2m of hose & a couple of elbows worth though, $10?

I've got a 2400lph King-3 and a 2800lph Resun Eheim clone running each of my 4x2s, no complaints with either so far as noise or reliability is concerned. Almost 2yrs on the King-3, 18 months on the Eheim clone.

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Thanx for the feedback Ash, if you could give me some prices and availability against those models I would be grateful.

I also run a 1200lph canister alongside the sump which helps as well, its just that I want to increase the flow over my sump media.

By the way, I'm pretty sure the return pipe is 16mm so I may be up for some aditional pipe.

Ps I'm mot sure if it was a link from this site where I saw those Eheim replica pumps, any info??

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Check out one of our sponsors user posted image

AoA has a selection of them. Actually, my 2800lph one (not on that site anymore) had a 16mm fitting but I put a 19mm on as I had the fitting & hose already.

I'm sure if you email Ben at AoA he'll tell you what size outlets are on what pumps.

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Im running a couple of AquaMedic Ocean Runner 6500's.

Dead Silent, i find myself opening the sump cabinet doors just to check they are on.

6500 are about $330. 12 month warranty.

They also have 3500 and 2000 models.

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