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L183 agression


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Hi guys,

Haven't posted a topic in a while, but i got a 4x2x2 with 4 male 3 female L183's with various other fish. (discus, L104s, cory sterbais)

Anyway, in the last month or so i've noticed a lot of agression between my L183's inparticularly between the males. Male seems to defend a cave and other male tries to take over/claim it. Also one of the females attempts to get into one of my easter island statues but the majority of the time the male doesn't let her in.

However, the other night i noticed the female had got in for 10 minutes or so and was sitting at the very end of it. Hoping there was eggs, i shine my torch light into it but it was all black (no eggs)

Could someone tell me if this behaviour is normal and if not what can i do to stop it? As several of my L183s have split fins and female got a few scratches on her belly.

(i've uploaded a video to watch.. its only 2mb or so)


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