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Finally found a panda cory!


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I was browsing at one of the local pet shops this evening and stumbled across the cutest little panda cory! bigsmile.gif

Fist time I've seen one in any shop I've been to.

Only trouble is, he's sooooo little, I had him in my community tank and all the other fish thought he was live food! For the time being I've had to move him to my shellies tank (not ideal i must admit but at least he won't be eaten).

Anyway, just wanted to share my delight... thumbup.gif

I also found a nanus cory, upside down cat and whiptail cat which I was pretty quick to grab.

It's sooo nice to be able to find some of the less kept species.

They had a little bumblebee goby which I wanted to take home but he was even smaller than the panda and I knew he wasn't going to last long.

I'm stoked, after the horrendous start I had to the evening (some twit nearly ran me off the raod angry.gif ) it's turned out to be a great one.

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how much did u pay for these fish?

Hmmm, probably too much I'm sure...

The Panda was $8.95, Whiptail $25, upside down cat I think was $13.95 (or could have been a little more) and nanus cory I think $12.95.....

I'm not looking at the receipt right now so I'm just trying to remember off the top of my head. The store also gave me $6.80 discount so I was very pleased with their service.

I know the price of the panda and whiptail is definitely what I paid cause I remember thinking the whiptail was the most expensive and I noted the panda specially cause I'd been trying to find it.

Did I pay too much?

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nah u didnt get ripped off, the cheapest panda i've seen is $6 and whiptail $20. and upside down catfish about that price too!

although they are affordable, i reckon it should be more like $3 or $5.

nothing is cheap these days!

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Errm, any idea which whiptail you got? Longnose whiptail or the Royal whiptail?

ummmm....I don't know...

I looked up both on the net and I found pics of the royal and my guy certaintly looks similar but I couldn't find pics of the the long nose to compare to.

Do you know of anywhere where I can compare the two, or any distinct way of differentiating? I might be able to tell you then.



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