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what tankbusters have u purchased recently?


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I had a large Lungfish once 45cm, that i purchased of an LFS in sydney, they didnt give me any documentation with it, they said i didnt need it, so the fisheries deparment ended up tracking me down, took me 12 moths before i got off the hook, finally end up selling the fish, after all the hassle it caused me.

Nice very clumsy but placid fish, can be hand fed, mine ate fllating pellets but loved white bait and peeled prawn


22:38 ]

thanks for that Justin. Very informative site. :bigsmile:

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I think it's mainly because they're a protected species that have a fairly limited legal supply, even though they are natives. Recently caught a decent one out at one of the lakes around here 1.2+m

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SchmucK, you didnt happen to snap a pic by any chance first??

That would be a pretty impressive sight, but your right in doing the legal thing and letting it loose, not too many around so I hear :(


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