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What are they up to....


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FAR OUT! I typed it all out before pressed post, then itnernet explorer died, I copied it and then closed it... NOW IT WON'T PASTE ITTTTTTTTT!~~~`21`

Sorry. I'm not annoyed or anything.

Anyway Now to retype it shorter! dry.gif

Anyway, Female occie was missing for 2 days (Couldn't see/find her, thought she had jumped)

This morning she turns up, outside of her cave and she now wags her tail at the male, When he gets closer then they both start irratic "flicking" at each other for awhile, then she dives into her shell, then just kind of wiggles inside of it, while the male kind of bites at her tail (Or more nudge?)

Then he swims off to the other side of the tank to his shell and checks everything is in running order, then works his way back to her shell.

While he is gone she defends the shell, Anything within 3 inches gets attacked (Multies are way to curious for their own health LOL.gif , and she even attacked a large piece of flake until she figured it was food not a threat!)

Then when he gets close, they restart the process...

Is this breeding behaviour? I read that the tail wagging by the female was...

But has anyone had any experience?

Any ideas what is going on? As they have never acted this way before.

Cheers, Cameron.

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Hey Cam;

I'm pretty sure they are breeding mate, give it a week or so and you should see fry. I'm not too sure if the multies will eat them or not.

It must be black occie season! haha

cheers; Richard

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