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Different behavior


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G'day all,

Last night I noticed my old P.Electra male struggling to move round the tank. It was almost like his boyancy had deserted him and he had no means of gliding through the water without swimming constantly.

After watching for a hour or so it became obvious that he was on the out sad.gif .

He was one of my origional display fish with a few of the other residents, one of these being a Moori D.

Now most of us would have witnessed the normal behaviour of other tank mates once they realise a fish is on the way out, they tend to give it a hard time until it dies, nature at work I suppose. But, watching last night, as a few of the others were giving the Electra a hard time the Moori who had been with him from the start, was trying to gently keep him moving and nudging his head under the Electra's body when he sat on the bottom so the others wouldn't home in on him.

I may be completely wrong about this but I know the difference between being attacked and being protected.

It was both sad and uplifting at the same time.


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i have also witnessed this type of behaviour. When my male Neolamprogus tetrancanthus was on the "out", the female would protect him from the other occupants.

I suppose its behaviour similar to this that got us all hooked on cichlids?


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