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electric yellows


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Hey mate

Usually they say that 10 or so days and they have heads and tails and they do not need to be tumbled. Although i find that all labidochromis species are exceptional mothers and i either let mine spit them selves or strip them at about 20 days in. Give them a go at seeing how long they hold for.




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Hi Darren,

With yellows, as Cameron said “labidochromis species are exceptional mothers”, I would be catching the holding female after 3 weeks and placing her in a fry saver. Feed her, and she will release the fry to feed and take them back in. When she and the fry are ready they will stay out and you can remove mum and place he back in the tank, or move her to another fry saver for a few days and feed her up before adding back to the main tank.

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