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Hi All,

I apologise if may be inquiring about something thats already been discussed, I'm just a little concerned. Yesterday I noticed my electric Blue excrete a peice of thick white excrement about 1 cm long. I am concered if this is tapeworm. I have seen him excete "thin stringy poo" but it's rare. He is eating and behaving fine, no issues there.

Thanks guys, any advice would be appreciated.



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I see little things like that too sometimes in my tank. Though I don"t know if its from excretion. Tape worm though? I didn't think fish were susceptible to that. Is he the only fish in your tank doing it?

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hmm, usually parasitic worms in fish manifest as thin redish threads poking out if the anus, more likely it is just something to do with his diet. Perhaps change what he is eating to something with a bit more fibre for a while. Are you feeding him things high in protein like bloodworms etc? if so just alternate days with something like some spirulina sticks (he probably won't like it at first but persevere).

If yopu are still worried, there are means of de-worming fish which usually involve crushing up tablets in their food. Exact brands/products and recipies elude me at the mo'.


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Thanks guys,

I am so glad that it appears to Be Diet related. I'm pretty strict with their Diets as i have a couple of fish in there that are mainly Herbivores, i.e Acei's.

During the the week It's either wardleys Cichlid flakes twice a day or Sera Vipan Staple staple flakes ( for all Ornamental Fish) both contain Spurilina. I also have the Sera Vipan in Granules. I occasionally treat them with OSI Sinking Shrimp Pallets (Mainly for the two Clown loaches) but the others seem to eat most of it. I only give them a block and a half of Bloodworms just once a week, and no more (which I also feed to an American Cichlid tank that I have as well). Last week I stared replacing a couple of their Meals with OSI Spirulina Wafers, which they had no Issues with. They (as well as the electric Blue) eat anything.

So, so far so good. I've still got the guys under close supervision. I'm starting to feel a lot more Comfortable now with the situation.


My african tank contains:

1 E.blue, 1 E.yellow, 1 Hongi, 2 Acei's(Msuli Point), 1 Venustus, 1 M.Johanii, 1 Jewel, 2 Clown loaches, and 2 Bristle Nose.

all males, except for maybe one of the Acei's and possibly the Jewel.

Thanks for the feedback guys, Much appreciated.

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