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malawi stocking


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I am currently filling a standard 6 footer:

I plan to place the following from my 4 footer in it they are:

2 electric yellows both 7cm

1 electra male 9cm

1 large lombardi

1 large hongi

1 12cm compressie

1 small johnnai

1 9cm venustus.

two questions:

How much more can I put in to have it stocked with males?

and I have a 1200 p/h cannister filter and a Resun submersible cannister which does 2000l p/h is this enough being large malawis being messy and big eaters?



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I work by the formula of using 4 litres per inch of fish and like my fitration be able to turn over the tank's volume at least 3 times and hour (4 times ideally).

I have approx 51" total of Haps/Peacocks so using my formula that's 204 litres required at least (51" x 4L/"). Given that my 4' x 18" x 18" is approx 285litres, plus accounting for my rock work and the fish that are still growing, I should have enough room by my estimations.

Back on the filtration, I have a 900L/hr external for mainly biological filtration, and a 1400L/hr internal canister with two Hagen canister attachments for mechanical filtration. (I don't feel my External will be able to cover my tank in the long term as the fish grow, so I'll be upgrading to a bigger canister soon)

You also have to account for the fact stated filter ratings are generally at zero head, so your 1200l/hr canister isn't necessarily that rate being positioned under your tank and after the water travels thru your piping.

But at present my formula works for my tank - my fish are healthy, full of colour, water's clear, I only need to clean my internal canister every 2-3 weeks and do a 30% water change at the same frequency.

So take from my experience what you will if this helps, works for me.

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