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where to buy community fish in Syd?


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I have been to a few aquariums recently around parra area and the prices seemed really high for pretty plentiful fish - I am interested in getting a variety of gourami, and some congo tetra's and possibly a catfish or 2 for my 3 footer display.

Can anyone direct me to a breeder or keeper who might have some of these for sale?

The retail shops i went to must have had some serious price hikes recently as everything seemed several dollars per fish more expensive than a few months back.




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I can't help you with breeders, but most of the aquariums down my way have a set price per fish, but then another price (not normally on the tanks) if you buy a certain number.

A months back I got 15 black widow tetras, if I had of paid the tank price I would have paid a third more than I did, so basically I paid for 10 and got 5 free.

If you've got a car, there is a good fish shop attached to one of the nurseries in Terrey Hills, they seem to be the cheapest for dither style fish.

If you don't want to go retail, post a topic in the classifieds and see what you get! Make sure you label it with WTB:

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