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African Cichlid Substrate?


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Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with using the CaribSea's African Cichlid Rift Lake Substrates which claims:

Eco-Complete™ African Cichlid Substrate -

The complete African cichlid substrate!

Minereralogically complete! Contains Aragonite!

Maintains the high pH African Cichlids need

without the constant addition of chemicals.

Buffers automatically for the life of the aquarium!

Adds calcium, magnesium, carbonate and more!

Dark color encourages the richest coloration in

fishes. Unique composition re-creates the

African Rift Lake environment. High internal

porosity for maximum biological capacity - keep

more fish healthier... longer!

Is this available in Australia? If so where?

Here is a direct link to the website for this product:

CaribSea's African Cichlid Substrates



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Hey Dave,

Not sure if they have the above in stock But i am sure Majestics at Taren Point can get it in for you. They do stock CaribSea, i know that.

There is no real benefit from using this, it is just a "brand". You will get the same effect from normal run of the mill aragonite or crushed marble IMO.

I have used the aragonite from Strictly aquariums ( their own brand ) and it works fine, also used crushed marble (OO Size ) from MiniCrete, same results.

The claims they make above IMO would be the same from using a generic brand of aragonite. It all dissolves readily in the aquarium, will release the same amount of calcium ect ( not that u really need this in FS Aquariums ) and is pretty much the same stuff without a pretty bag and labelling.

I guess the only bonus is that it's not white!!



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Thanks Aaron,

I was thinking of changing my 5 footer coral sand (size 5) substrate to something else. Is the aragonite any better than coral sand? Am i just wasting money? Also is it better for me to use a unreactive substrate like plain sand since i have heard that reactive substrates may interact with Seachem buffers and destabilise the Kh?



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The only difference to consider between the two is Coral sand dissolves at a lower PH, Aragonite at a higher PH. So Aragonite is better IMO as your PH does not have to drop to low to be buffered back up again..

I remember Nigel saying something along those lines. I cant really comment on it, I have used Marble for years and used buffers as well, no problems with KH or PH or GH, all have been stable.

Maybe Nigel was referring to a build up of undissolved salts over a period of time causing a reaction with the substrate. It wont happen over night but it MAY happen.....

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