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My Friend wants to start a Tropheus Tank


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Hey guys,

I didn't want to start another thread on tropheus, so I'll ask some stupid (or not so?) questions here if I may...

No problems with you or anyone starting another thread on tropheus Ash.  thumb.gif Its eaisier to follow if it isn't mixed in with another post. So I moved it out on its own mate.  Ben

Firstly, my buddy has a spare 6x2x2 that he has earmarked for tropheus, preferred "moliro red" varient.

How many localities could "moliro red" cover or is "moliro" the locality? He would like to get a stack of juvies from a few different sources & grow them out - how many of you guys have the same varient? Also what sort of $$$ are they at 3-4cm?

How many should he get to start with? He's planning on getting 10 or so from 2-3 different sources to have about 30 ($$$ pending), is that alright for a 6x2x2?

A LFS has some 3-4cm for $35 the same price they do dubosi for, I imagine they are from Bayfish as that is where the LFS buys from - could some of these be mixed with ones bought from the forums or is that not a cool idea?

He'd feed them NLS, the tank would be way overfiltered via a sump & "aged" with some frontosa first to make 100% that everything is kosher (I read in an article you are meant to put T's into a well established tank). He is also a big believer in seachem products so the tank will be buffered/salted with them.

Anything else to think about?



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I dont think you will have any problem getting Moliro I think there is a few breeders on the forum.

As far as I know they only come from one location in the lake hence the name.

I think your mate is doing everything the right way so no problems there.

I think you have covered eveything so just go for it. Maybe put a post in the classifides wanted to buy.

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What about the "established tank" bit - does it just need to be cycled like normal or a few months longer?

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Awesome, thanks Nigel. raisehand.gif I'll post in classifieds once he's cashed up.

edit: speaking of cashed up, what do they usually go for as juvies? Is that LFS well priced?

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Hi Ash,

I must have mixed your post due to the large number of posts making it so hard to keep track of everything!!! LOL.gif

Moliro is a good tropheus variant to start with since they are less aggressive (only slightly) and much cheaper than the other variants.

U can keep up to 60 juveniles in a 6 by 2 but due to cost restrictions i think a minimum of 30 or even better 40 would suffice. U will probably not notice 20 in such a large tank unless u plan to add some tankmates.

Getting them from a few different sources is a great way of injecting some good genes and colour when u r breeding in the future!

$35-40 mark is a fair estimate of LFS cost for 3-4cm. I am selling them for $10 each at that size but i have sold all mine and they are not breeding for some reason! sad.gif

I remember i moved my moliro colony from a 5 foot standard to a 4 by 2 by 2 in the space of 2 weeks because i just couldn't wait! As long as u use a large percentage of water from the older cycled tanks and use some well cycled canister filter or filter wool in the sump of the new tank then cycling would be in no time. I guess u can use the frontosas but do u want to risk it?

Also adding buffers and salts to gradually achieve a kH 16-18 and Gh 10-12 is ideal for coloration, breeding and general wellbeing!



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