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I was a bit concerned about my peppermints still having full/round bellys even after not feeding them for close to a week. So i took a photo, and there was comment about the colour of my fishes belly.. (being white) i thought that was the usual colour for them but apparently it should be black like the rest of the fish. The top of the peppermint looks 'normal' black with white dots.

They are about 18months old, ranging from 7cms to 10cms. (have different batches)

Can someone please help me, and i'm starting to get concerned...

user posted image

pic attached

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peppermints changes colour of their underside depending on their mood and condition.

I have seen, black, pink, white.

what I am worried about is WHY it has yellow/brownish mouth!

I seems from the underview it's crossed between peppermint and normal bristlenose. (but I don't think its possible so you can probably say I am paranoid!) LOL

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