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Silver Aros together


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Hi All,

Just thought i would share my joy in adviseing people out there that you CAN join just 2 aros successfully together. shock.gif

I have taken a massive chance but it has paid off..

i dont have pics or video YET? thumbup.gif

i intend to get some some how.

1 is 35-40cm and the other is 20-25cm and they are housed in a6 x2x2.

the big one is big enough too eat the small one but its funny because once i merged them, it was like motherly instinct of the big one mothering the smaller one..

The small one even tries to go the big ones rear tail but the big one doesnt care and shrugges it off. LOL.gif

Neither seem to be stressed and im hoping to keep them together if the merge lasts.

Ive heard when at breeding age the male nips the females tail to start the breeding process?

Does anyone know anything different?

N e ways i will try to put up pics when possible..

Cheers and thanks for reading


P.S I think silvers have the best shape and finnage of all the aros they just lack the colour.

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that's cool. smile.gif

Silver aro is not much aggressive compare to other arowana when silver is mature.

also, I knew the aro need at least 5-6 years old above for breeding.

i think 20cm aro is still in Juv.

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yes i heard over there silver aros are going for $20aud

yet look at the mark up here..

Australia's Silver Aro (leicharti saratoga) goes for $150-300 over there..so ive heard.

Thanks for the feedback and i will try to put some pics up soon.


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yeh funny about the prices

and in us

they go for as little as 5$ for a silver

they are considered to be cheap and ugly alot of people hate them there =_=

if only we could have that situation here!

300 in singapore could get u a rtg

yeh would be cool to get pics

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