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L. caudopuctatus


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I was watching my 2 ft tanks containing 3x L. caudopuntatus (which are probably not more than 4.5 cm TL) and I witnessed some interesting social behaviour that I wonder if anybody could tell me if it was a peculiarity of caudos.

I have whiat I suspect are the beginnings of a pair forming as well as a smaller third individual of indeterminate sex. It seems as though, while the "pair" are obviously the dominant fish in the tank (but not really aggressive) by reasoning of having the larger portion of the space and shells, it is the smaller of the three which is the most agro, has the best cave and is often flaring opercula, mouth and fins. Why is this so? dntknw.gif

Could it be a case of small dog syndrome in fish, or is it a peculiarity of caudos I am not aware of blink.gifLOL.gif


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Nope, sounds normal for me. A male will defend a territory with or without a cave, shell...even if a girl is there or not, I suppose he could be hoping for one to come by. hug.gif

I have read somewhere that "shrinks" have done studies on Cauds, as of their behaviour. Now to find it. confused.gif

Frenchy smile.gif

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