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algae. esp. hair


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whats the best solution to getting rid of thse hair algae?

is there a good solution you can buy to prevent or get rid of this?

i take the stuff out and it grows quite fast with this light of mine.

mainly on the top areas.

i got a true siamensis the other day and might add another one to help it along. but just wondering if anyone knows what's good product wise.

cheers thumb.gif

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im guessing its a comunity tank 'cause if it had mbuna in it there'd be no problem.

id just go with flying foxes, i think on this forum they call them siamese algae eaters but no one has ever told me if they are different.

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best solution is get more siamese flying fox

coryadorer...the two are identical,,the only difference which is very clear is that one of them have a yellowish/gold stripe above the black stripe!,,,of cuz if u've never seen both of them b4 its hard to tell!,,,,

but maybe check out these pictures,

the fake one that doesnt eat it


its got that extra stripe on top of the black one and fins abit more red

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thanks dudes

i got one siamensis in there i shall chuck in maybe another 1 or 2.

and i will remove the larger algaes which i have been doing but they grow back rapidly.

on the other hand tho my plants are thriving.

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