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How many time you feed your juvies?


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I read some books and it said I should feed the fry for 4-5 times a day. For the adult cichlids, I should feed them twice a day. But they have failed to mention anything about the Juvies. Should i treat them as a fry or adult? or something in between? confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif (3 times sound about right?)

At the moment i have,

3X Silverdollars (12 cm 3 years old)

1x Ele Blue (Juvies)

3 x Ele Y (Juvies)

1 x clown loach (Juvies)

2 x Bristle nose (Juvies)

1 x firemouth (Juvies)

2 x Unknow africian cichlid (Juvies)

atm I feed them frozen blood worm, flakes and very very tiny pallet. I have ordered some high quality cichlid pallet from the net, as well as the brine shrimp egg (going to hatch it myself... tongue.gif ) Once i got them, I won't feed the blood worm as often, cos the book didn't recommended it for the africian. (Americian is ok for the bw isn't it?)



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Depending on Juvie size, I'd feed them maybe 3 times a day, and as they get bigger back off to 2 times... But remember to feed in moderation. ^^

I feed my babies 4 - 5 times a day, but very small amounts.

When they get to juvie size, i feed them 3 times a day. (Morning, afternoon and night) in small amount.

And when grown, twice a day, morning and night.

As for Blood worm, I feed my africans it once every fortnight, Just to give them a little treat ^_^. As for whether it's better for americans, I can't say as i haven't really kept them before.

Hope this helps. Cameron.

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Watch your yellows don't scoff down the blood worm & brine shrimp, this will likely result in bloat. Good food for yellows is a combination of flake, spirilina and a small amount of colour bits if you wish. With the other fish a good mixture of meat and veg (spirilina) is great and as mezza said feed around 3 times a day. HBH vegie flake provides a good variety of veg food, i've just started using this and recommend it.


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