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Final plmbing Question


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Hi all,

Thanks to my BN babies I have been able to buy most of PVC fitting and piping to complete my 5 tank system. Now the final (well hopefully) question is how do secure the inlet and outlet pipes to the fish tank stands(or something) so they don't fall down and just collapse? I have steel framing on my stands I was thinking of either using cable ties or clamps.

Here are a pictures of the setup

my fishroom

The tanks are to be plumbed into the single sump are the top 2 tanks and the 3 middle layer tanks on the left hand side. The outlet pipe of the bottom tanks are easy they will go straght inoto the sump. It is the inlet pipe to the the 5 tanks and outlet from the big tanks that I have no idea about. I am using 25mm of the inlet piping and 25 to 32mm (it is 25mm out of the tanks but I expand the piping to 32mm to avoid back pressure, I think) for the outlet piping.

So I am after some methods that I could use.



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That link seems dead but I figured it out :p

I'd say cable ties to the uprights as (hose) clamps would be overkill IMO. Are you using solid white PVC or that black irrigation stuff? Either way, I'd be happy with cable ties - thou I've only got individual DIY trickles, not a rack system.

Edit: Doh! fixed whilst I posted? tongue.gif

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